Vacanze a Procida - Holiday appartments

La Rosa die Venti Residence flourishes in a lush area of 20,000 m, above the sea, far from the busy island centre. Inside the Residence you can find a blooming lemon garden that dominates the cultivated vineyard, everything settled in a breathtaking seascape. Today the residence maintains warmth and familiar informality, thanks to the founder’s children: Gianni, Nicola and Erminia.

The Residence offers a series of community activities which render La Rosa Dei Venti a vacation destination not only to satisfy those seeking repose, but also to offer entertainment, socialising and fun; you can do all this in our communal space-bar with tables, TV, barbecue for grilling, with the typical Neapolitan oven for pizzas and kitchen. Every morning outside the bar is possible to have breakfast, while once a week, thanks to mamma Titta, we organise tasty dinner made of the typical dishes of the island. Our private cliff leads directly to the sea, where you can have a swim or just bask in the sun! Even if the water is quite deep, there is a metal ladder that makes easier the access even for the little ones. You can also ask to plug in for computer, Internet, fax, and telephone. Is available on request a 3-hour tour of the island, in order to discover a very picturesque foreshortening of Procida. Finally is also possible to diving thanks to Gianni Scotto Di Carlo that is the manager of the Procida Diving Centre (see the Procida Diving Centre links for details).