Vacanze a Procida - The island of Procida

In the western zone of the Gulf in Naples, to half road between the dry land and Ischia, there is Procida, the smallest of the partenopee islands. Modelled as from the hand of an artist, on a subject all of volcanic nature, the island shows sweet forms and stupendous basins that sink in a crystalline sea. The presence of three districts from the picturesque many-coloured architecture, makes it only in the Mediterranean one. A culture of sea still entire in the ancient traditions, that today its people protect with a certain jealousy, but that show with pride to the guest able to appreciate its value. A present luxuriant nature in every angle, with lemon trees that overflows from coloured and damp walls. A garden on the sea of which Elsa Morante knew how to give inimitable poetic description in her work "Arthur's island." Note since the antiquity with the name of Prochyta, Greek term meaning "low" in comparison to Ischia, and the island was populated from the Calcidesis, then from the Greek, therefore from the Romans. In the late Middle Ages the Saracens more times beat it, and in the medieval lower part it had own feudal gentlemen (among these famous Giovanni from Procida). In July 1552 its waters were theatre of a naval battle between the Ottomans and the fleet of Andrew Doria. The island, passed to the Neapolitan crown, it was occupied, astride 1800, three times by the English. The Castle, built for wish of the Of Avalos (1563), was turned into the 800 century in penitentiary. Beside the penal colony was built, only from few years is closed. The hospitality of the inhabitants immediately captures the visitor that, discovered the island, a faithful frequenter will become by chance, of it. The island of Procida, genetically connected to the Fields Flegrei, counts around 11 thousand inhabitants, is 3,7 km long and has an extension of 3,75 kmqs. The coasts, very jagged, tall and steep, articulate for 14 kms and four bays allow the bathing in calm and sure waters. A bridge unites it to the islet of Vivara, today uninhabited natural reserve. The island appears with coastal zones intensely covered of Mediterranean stain and the cultivated inside to vineyards citrus trees and gardens. Procida is to discover turning afoot: a net of secondary roads and some suggestive paths, besides the principal streets connect the various zones of the island.

Coasts and Beaches

Left the Porto of Marina Grande, port of services of ferries and hydroplanes and the beach of sand Le Grotte, and proceeding from west to east, to Punta Pioppeto, you reach the Faro; over the Punta, the rocky coast leans out steep on the sea up to Punta Fiumicello: to half road of the unmistakable Residence La Rosa Dei Venti. Over Punta Fiumicello, continuing for Punta Serra, the beach of Pozzo Vecchio appears; then from Punta Serra till to the Chiaiolella and Vivara follows the long beach of Ciraccio and the Chiaiolella. Gone beyond the islet of Vivara there's the Chiaiolella, pleasant dock for recreation boats, where it has centre the Procida Diving Centre, international school of immersion. Left the dock and you go beyond the Punta Solchiaro and Pizzaco, it enters a bay to semicircle, one of the four craters that have given origin to Procida. A long equipped beach, the Chiaia, conducts up to the dock of the Corricella enchanting village of fishermen. Circumnavigating the promontory of Terra Murata with the characteristic cave of the Bove Marino, there is the beach of the Lingua, which is entered by the descent of the Graziella and by the Marina Grande.

How to get to Procida

Procida lies 3 miles from Ischia, 7 miles from Pozzuoli; 10 miles from Naples (from Mergellina pier) and 14 from Beverello. These routes connect with the mainland daily by ferry and hydrofoil, the length of the journey varying from half an hour to an hour. From the port there are taxis, micro taxis and public bus. Boats are available for rental, with or without skipper.

Every season offers a valid reason to go to Procida

    April: Processione dei Misteri
    May: Concerto di primavera
    June: Processione del Corpus Domini, Festa del Limone, 1° Premio Città di Procida
    July: Sagra del Mare (elezione Graziella)
    August: La notte delle stelle, Libri d’A...mare, Manifestazioni teatrali e musicali
    September: Portoni aperti, Premio letterario “Elsa Morante”
    October: Sagra del vino
    November: Mese del verde
    December: Chrismas at Procida

On the island shops of all the types are found, alimentary and not, and some supermarkets: they almost all accept telephone orders and they effect the delivery of the home expense. To the Port the fish-shops you can find fresh fish every day