Vacanze a Procida - Diving

Deep Sea

Sea depth-Procida is part of the Flegree Archipelago, which includes Ischia and Nisida. Its depths are well suited to scuba diving excursions. The marine environment is diverse and evocative, and thus accommodates different scuba diving of different type and level. Levels of diving change from the simplest to the most challenging, and various diving locations offer a wide variety of experience, giving the opportunity to see beautiful foreshortenings with the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna. There are four diving places in Procida: Punta Pizzaco (level of difficulty intermediate to experienced), Secca delle Formiche (beginner-intermediate), Capo Bove (beginner), Punta Solchiaro (intermediate). Each diving site is easily accessible by boat from the Diving Centre and the whole sea excursions allow to do an ideal tour scuba diver of the island. The experience is really fascinating, it will be unforgettable with breathtaking emotions…

Diving’s boatsThe Diving Centre offers 4 type of boats; the main one is a 9 m launch, made of wood with a capacity of 20 divers. It is equipped with life raft and first aid kit. There are also an 11 m wooden boat (capacity: 25 divers), a 5 m boats (capacity: 10 divers) and a 5 m dinghy (capacity: 5 divers, all equipped with kit O².


Procida Diving Centre’s EquipmentThe Diving Centre is located near Lido Di Procida, (Ciraccio’s Beach), which is immediately to the right of Chiaiolella’s Port, one of the most attractive areas of the island. Procida Diving Centre provides changing rooms and showers and, for both novice and expert, there are 60 bi-valves air tanks (5 of 5 litres, 50 of 15 litres and 5 of 18 litres), moreover you can find 20 equipment sets, with sub overall in different sizes. Is also included the loading and unloading of tanks, the storage of clients’ diving equipment and the cleaning of the equipment. The Centre also provides a classroom, a lounge, a parking area, the beach and the boat service for diving. Finally there is a call service on VHS radio. The Diving centre is also pleased to offer you service in English, French or Italian.

The Experience

Underwater exploration evokes one of the most intense emotions one can feel, yet as with putting anything into practice in a dynamic and unusual environment, it must be approached with respect and with caution. The underwater world is a journey not to be ignored to face the sea that can humble each of us while at the same time, doesn't require a high level of physical fitness preparation. A bill of good physical health from your doctor gives access to the courses which are held twelve months a year. Come to the Procida Diving Centre if you a beginner, interested in learning and find out how to progress through the certificates and the experience.

Courses and dives

The opportunity to go underwater from the beginning allows your diving training to advance in the best possible conditions, while you enjoy the experience from the first lesson. The beginner's course is made up of 7 underwater excursions, each of which is preceded by an hour of theory, so that you can immediately apply the concepts you have learned. To facilitate further learning, the Diving Centre provides those divers already in possession of a certificate, with a whole host of equipment that can be rented. Experts can book a group dives with a guide, be they one-offs or as part of a package (multiple dives for a complete island or full-day excursion).